Our company Teaches English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).  We provide online English lessons and live seminars to individuals and organizations around the world. We primarily serve adult learners of English.

The company was founded by A. J. Hoge. Mr. Hoge also serves as the head teacher.

A.J. Hoge is known as the highest paid English teacher in the world.

He is famous for creating powerful English speakers who become successful international leaders…

…. without using boring grammar books, textbooks, or old school methods.

A.J. Hoge has a Masters degree in TESOL and has been teaching English as a Foreign Language since 1996.

You may contact us at: members@effortlessenglishcenter.com

How my Power English Course has helped other students

Said Isbilir

It is my pleasure to share with you reasons why I think that the program is the best.

– It doesn’t aim only to teach English but also to purpose to make the world a better place to live by transferring priceless know how to the members. – Topic of the lessons are always at the forefront than English therefore people can learn easily.

– Social ethics is an important value in this program.

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(normal fee $67/month)

Try out the full VIP program for 10 days and get access to all membership features:

English Lesson Sets Include:

My best students learn by seeing and listening. In these exclusive video lessons made just for VIP Members, I’ll teach you how to speak English confidently.
This is my most powerful method, where I use a special story technique to help you practice both listening and speaking.
This is the best way I know to learn to THINK English grammar. You do NOT have to study any boring grammar rules.

You also get a text version of each month’s lessons, so you can read along to fully understand all of the video and audio.

Join today and you also get access to my exclusive VIP-Only Social Network (It’s like Facebook, but it’s only for our VIP Members). You’ll meet other motivated members who will help you learn, while you help them. This support and encouragement is very important.

Cancel anytime. No questions asked.

Join the program today and you get an additional discount of $30/month.
After the 10 day period you can choose not to cancel your $1 membership and continue
learning english for $37/month thereafter (normal fee $67/month).

effortless english learning

Here’s why you should study English with AJ Hoge

Effortless teaching methodology

Learn by listening not by studying grammar rules.

100% money back guarantee

If your English doesn't improve you'll be refunded the full sum.

Fastest way to learn English

Tested by more than 100 000 students across the globe.

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